Marketing and advertising is the key to any business enterprise in today’s world, this is why it’s very important to understand Which Social Networks Are Right For Your Business and the best way to leverage them. Whether a business is a start-up or a successful established firm, marketing plays a very important role in establishing a business and promoting its cause. Business owners for a long time used to rely on traditional techniques and strategies of marketing. However, with the rise of the internet and the birth of social networking websites, businesses have shifted online. Social media had changed the basic norm of marketing media. Most startups face many challenges, first is limited cash and the other is very limited employees. Social media channels help the new business owners face a lot of these limitations and assist in spreading the word about their business enterprise.

Why should businesses use social media?

Social media is an interactive tool that allows the business owners to come in direct contact with potential audiences without any middlemen getting in between. Social media marketing has emerged as a whole new marketing tactic for businesses to expand and showcase their business online and create awareness among the audiences.

Here are some of the benefits on why businesses should use social media:

Increase brand awareness

With half of the world’s population using social media websites, it is quite natural for this online platform to become a place to reach target customers. There are social media sites like Facebook and Instagram that enjoy a massive user base and are a great platform for business owners to launch their products and services.

Web traffic growth through SEO

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization helps the business owners to get higher search ranks. Social media posts and ads are the key to draw traffic on websites. Sharing good, quality content on the blog or website is a great way to get the readers and viewers to indulge. This increases the online visibility and showcases the expertise to the audience.

Boost the sales

Social media helps in boosting the sales. Social media has the capacity of turning non-buyers into actual buyers by using a process called sales funnel. E-commerce and e-trade has popularized over the years. Social media links all the channels and help in creating a fan-base.

Promoting content

Social media networks are a great platform to promote the content. Many businesses use celebrity endorsement to promote their products or brands. This helps in growing the audience by turning the potential buyers into actual customers.

Customer relationships

Social media helps in building a strong and loyal relationship between the customer and the brand. It is an interactive medium where customers can raise their queries, complaints and grievances to the businesses and provide feedback. This helps the businesses gather information about the likes, dislikes, interests and preferences of their audience.

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Which social media networks are right for your business?


Facebook is one of the top social media websites out there. It has over 2.41 billion active users from all across the world. Whether the business needs brand awareness, web traffic, lead generation, online feedback, discussion, Facebook is the right place for any business owner. Setting up a Facebook page will definitely help them in reaching their goals if used rightly.


Instagram is not very far behind Facebook. The photo-sharing app is one of the best sites for businesses. It has a total of 500 million active users and witnesses’ continuous growth and evolution. Businesses have been using this website for paid promotions and advertising for years. Only in recent times, it has also proven to be very helpful to small business owners. The posts and shares on Instagram help in gaining followers and likes. This is a great advertising option for businesses that have a not very heavy advertising budget.


This one is also well known but falls under the category of micro blogging along other platforms like Tumblr. You can still get a fair share amount of traffic by using hashtags in your posts.


This is a relatively new social media platform, however, it enjoys a massive user base. It allows users to send snaps, photos and videos, either directly to another user or as their Snapchat story. If a business has a target market of younger demographics, then Snapchat can be one of the more effective social media websites for businesses.


YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to watch videos for free. YouTube videos are a visual representation of an idea. YouTube advertising has become widely popular as the website enjoys a huge fan following.


The Chinese video social media is on the rise and it’s been the ground of the latest social media gold rush as there are many people looking through hundreds of short clips every day to stay updated on the latest trends online. Businesses are getting direct exposure with little investment.


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