Web Design

Web Design

Your website needs to be attractive to the eye with conveniently placed functionality.

It needs to to easy to use and navigate with a clean interface.

You’ll better off with analytics’ data to know at least how many people are visiting your site.

You can do A/B split testing with elements to find out what works best if you’re still in the beginning.

Be sure to setup all the needed security measures to avoid any of the common problems.


Web Design 2020 Trends

Color palette

Many sites practice dark text on a white background. Obviously, these websites contain a huge amount of content, so readability is very important. Some sites use darker colors for headlines.

A large percentage of sites also use blue and red in addition to gray or black text. Blue is very often used for headlines, article titles and links. Red is most often used as an accentuating color. Some websites use more colors for other navigation items, for example.

More animation

With the current developments in the web designing and developing technologies we see an increase in speed loads and optimizations that allow the webmasters to improve on user ability of the site and deliver more fluent and complex css and javascript animations that bring that native feel to the web.

Live Chat

Getting ready support for your customers is very important, that’s why there are now more than ever businesses using live chat widgets on their pages but even use Artificial Intelligence tools to automate and streamline the support process.

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The rise of a clean user interface with user experience focus brings us to websites applying a minimalistic approach to the web design process to ensure that from a viewer point of view the information is conveyed in a simple process focused on the quality of the content.


Sites also need monetization, so advertising banners became a key source of income. Some sites use banners on all pages, and some – only on the main. Typically 300 by 250 pixels. For desktop, many still use 720 by 90 pixels on a top banner.

You can also convert your users with content marketing for your own or third-party services and products.


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